MY TOP 30 Cocktail Recipes

My TOP 30

I think it’s time to introduce my top 30 cocktails. The taste of people is very different, some prefer sour, others sweet and still others with cream or bitters. My favorite drinks should definitely contain aniseed, preferably sambuca and pernot. But everyone should choose the cocktail that they personally like best. That’s why I chose 30 cocktails in the video.

No. 30 Sea Breeze

No. 29 White Russian

No. 28 Caipirinha

No. 27 Rusty Nail

No. 26 Cuba Libre

No. 25 Stinger

No. 24 10,000 Timberlakes

No. 23 Garibaldi

No. 22 Nordic Track

No. 21 Dirty Banana

No. 20 Strawberry Margarita

No. 19 Jasper Iced Tea

No. 18 Absolut Koka Mate

No. 17 Kilimanjaro

No. 16 Skip and go naked

No. 15 A Night in Palma

No. 14 Pina Colada

No. 13 Long Island Iced Tea

No. 12 Green Sex Machine

No. 11 Golden Dream

No. 10 Dingeling

No. 09 Angels Grog

No. 08 Porn Star Martini

No. 07 Greek Sazerac

No. 06 Flying Kangaroo

No. 05 Espresso Martini

No. 04 Sex on the Beach

No. 03 Wet Pussy Cocktail

No. 02 BiKinnie

No. 01 Swimming Pool