Baileys Espressotini Cocktail Recipe


This variation of the espresso almost goes in the direction of cappuccino: The Bailey´s Espressotini cocktail is made with Bailey’s original Irish cream, chocolate syrup and vodka – the party drink is ready!


  • 75 ml/ 3 ½ oz. Baileys Irish Cream
  • 30 ml/ 1 oz. vodka
  • 30 ml/ 1 oz. espresso
  • 15 ml/ ½ oz. chocolate syrup


  1. Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice.
  2. Shake well until well chilled.
  3. Strain into a cocktail glass.
  4. Finish by gently placing three coffee beans on top.


  1. Bailey´s Irish cream | USA | UK* | Germany*
  2. Smirnoff vodka | USA* | UK* | Germany*
  3. Chocolate syrup| USA | UK | Germany
  4. Glasses| USA* | UK* | Germany*

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