Emerald Elixir Cocktail Recipe

EMERALD ELIXIR COCKTAIL Recipe for St. Patrick`s Day

Green Cocktail for St. Patrick ‘ s Day

Every year the Irish people and now almost the whole world celebrate St. Patrick`s Day. On March 17th, green is the predominant colour of Irish people celebrating all over the world; in some cities, the rivers are even colored green on St. Patrick’s Day. On this occasion, here is a great green cocktail for St. Patrick`s Day called Emerald Elixir.


  • 45 ml / 1 ½ oz. Absolut Vodka citron
  • 20 ml / ¾ oz. elderflower liqueur
  • 20 ml / ¾ oz. freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 15 ml/ ½ oz. sugar syrup
  • 2 slices of cucumber
  • 5 basil leaves
  • 8 mint leaves


  1. Put the 2 slices of cucumber, 5 basil leaves & 8 mint leaves in base of  shaker and muddle (lightly mash).
  2. Then add ice and the other ingredients and shake well.
  3. Double strain into a glass filled with ice.
  4. Garnish with a celery stick.


  1. Absolut Citron vodka | USA | UK* | Germany*
  2. Elderflower liqueur |USA | UK | Germany
  3. Sugar syrup | USA* | UK* | Germany*
  4. Glasses | USA* | UK* | Germany*

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