Mitch Martini Cocktail Recipe


The Mitch Martini cocktail is a mix of bison grass vodka, peachtree liqueur, passionfruit and balanced with apple juice. The cocktail was created in 1997 at Match Bar London by cocktail bartender Giovanni Burdi. Popular with those who have a sweet palate, if you like fruit this cocktail has your name written all over it.


  • 50 ml/ 1 ⅔ oz. Bison grass Vodka
  • 10 ml/ ⅓ oz. Peachtree liqueur
  • 10 ml/ ⅓ oz. passionfruit syrup
  • 50 ml/ 1 ⅔ oz. apple juice


  1. Add all ingredients into shaker with ice and shake.
  2. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
  3. Garnish with an apple slice.


  1. Vodka | USA* | UK* | Germany*
  2. Peachtree liqueur | USA | UK | Germany
  3. Passionfruit syrup | USA | UK | Germany
  4. Glasses | USA* | UK* | Germany*

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