Corpse Reviver #2 Cocktail Recipe


The Corpse Reviver is a group of several alcohol-containing cocktails that are said to alleviate the effects of excessive alcohol consumption.

In some cases, the expression also functions as a synonym for such pick-me-up cocktails – which also includes the Bloody Mary – as a whole, colloquially referred to as “hangover drinks”.

The Corpse Reviver #2 is the most famous version of the drink. In The Savoy Cocktail Book by Harry Craddock, a preparation with ¼ lemon juice, ¼  Lillet, ¼  Cointreau and ¼ Gin, as well as a dash Absinthe is recommended. The ingredients are mixed in a shaker and strained.


  • 22,5 ml/ ¾ oz. Gin
  • 22,5 ml/ ¾ oz. Lillet
  • 22,5 ml/ ¾ oz. Cointreau orange liqueur
  • 22,5 ml/ ¾ oz. freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 2 dashes of Absinthe


  1. Add all ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake.
  2. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.


The drinking of cocktails as a morning drink to revitalize has a long tradition. While today morning consumption is classified as a sign of an advanced alcoholic disease and in particular the re-introduction of alcohol in response to a hangover is not recommended, morning consumption of alcoholic beverages such as cocktails was not uncommon until the late 19th century.


  1. Tanqueray Gin | USA* | UK* | Germany
  2. Cointreau orange liqueur | USA * | UK* | Germany*
  3. Lillet | USA | UK* | Germany*
  4. Absinthe | USA | UK* | Germany*
  5. Glasses| USA* | UK* | Germany*

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