Macuá Cocktail Recipe


The Macuá cocktail is named after a tropical bird native to Nicaragua. The Macuá cocktail is a combination of white Rum and fruit juices from lemon and guava. The cocktail was invented by Dr. Edmundo Miranda Sáenz, who created it at the end of 20th century, but it gained popularity in 2006, when it was selected as the national drink of Nicaragua.


  • 45 ml/ 1 ½ oz. white Rum
  • 30 ml/ 1 oz. guava juice
  • 30 ml/ 1 oz. freshly squeezed orange juice
  • 30 ml/ 1 oz. freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 10 ml/ ⅓ oz. simple syrup


  1. Add all ingredients into an electric blender with crushed ice.
  2. Blend for a few seconds.
  3. Strain into a Highball glass filled with fresh ice.
  4. Garnish with an orange wheel.


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