Wilthener Goldkrone – Cocktail ingredient or brush cleaner?



Opinion differ about Wiltherer Goldkrone. Some mix cocktails with it, others would rather use it as a brush cleaner. It is best if you find out for yourself if the drink suits you and how it is used.

Goldkrone is a brandy blend consisting of brandy distillate and an addition of agricultural alcohol and colored with caramel. Wilthener Goldkrone contains 28 % alcohol by volume and is drunk both in pure and mixed drinks. In the vernacular, the Wilthener Goldkrone is simply referred to as “Goldie” due to its brownish color.

According to company information from the year 2003 Wilthener Goldkrone should have been the best-selling spirits in Germany at that time.

Goldkrone has been produced in the GDR since the 1970s. The production took place at that time in different GDR enterprises.


Best Cocktail Recipe with Wilthener Goldkrone

Our top cocktail with Wilthener Goldkrone is the Balalaika. The Balalaika is a fruity-sparkling cocktail from the GDR with three simple ingredients that everyone should have at home. In addition to Wilthener Goldkrone, orange juice and curaçao white are still needed.