How to make the Derby Cocktail

Derby Cocktail Recipe

The Derby is an International Bartender Associatiobn cocktail of gin, peach bitters and mint leaves.Some other cocktails are known by the same name. It is unclear when the IBA version was created. INGREDIENTS 60 ml/ 2 oz. Gin 2 dashes peach bitters 2 fresh mint leaves METHOD Combine all ingredients in mixing glass with ice. […]


The Universe Cocktail Recipe

Because of strong interest from top U.S. bartenders, Midori® Melon Liqueur was consumer-tested and launched in the year 1978 in NYC. The same year that it was released, Midori Melon Liqueur is the main ingredient highlighted in “The Universe,” a cocktail that wins first prize in the United States Bartenders’ Guild annual competition. The Universe […]

sugar rim

How to make a sugar rim…

Some cocktails need a sugar rim. But how do you actually do it? Here is my tip: There are various methods for moistening the glass rim. One of the best known is to cut a piece of lime or lemon. This is then placed with the notch on the edge of the glass and drawn […]

Bellini Cocktail Recipe

Bellini Cocktail Recipe

When it comes to cocktails, the simple is often the best. The Bellini cocktail is mixed with only two basic ingredients: vineyard peach and Champagne. The classic from Harry’s Bar in Venice is still the perfect summer drink. INGREDIENTS 30 ml / 1 oz. white peach puree 100 ml/ 3 ⅓ oz.  Champagne METHOD Pour […]


Bubble Gum Syrup – Let`s talk about…

HISTORY Blast to the past with the original bubble gum flavour of childhood, a strong and sweet confection from a much simpler time. The candy pink MONIN Bubble Gum syrup adds some fun to a serious cocktail or a dull soda, and will definitely put a smile on your face. In shocking pink, MONIN Bubble […]


Sidecar Cocktail Recipe

The Sidecar cocktail is traditionally made with cognac, orange liqueur (I take Cointreau) and freshly squeezed lemon juice. The exact origin of the sidecar is unclear, but it is thought to have been invented around the end of World War I in either London or Paris. The drink was directly named for the motorcycle attachment […]

Midori Melon Lequeur

Midori – Let`s talk about…

HISTORY Midori melon liqueur is a fruity-aromatic, melon-flavored liqueur produced by Japanese beverage maker Suntory. It is manufactured in Japan, the United States, Mexico and France. It was made exclusively in Japan until 1987. His predecessor, a liqueur called Hermes was at first only moderately successful, but this changes, when Suntory in 1978 adapted the […]