Garibaldi Cocktail Recipe

The Garibaldi cocktail is an extraordinary simple two-ingredient cocktail, but one that tastes more interesting than it is. It is a classic Italian aperitivo made with Campari and freshly squeezed orange. The orange juice is blended at high speed without ice to make it fluffy. Traditionally composed of equal parts Campari and orange juice, more […]

Black Russian Cocktail

Black Russian Cocktail Recipe

The Black Russian is a classic short drink based on coffee liqueur. The delicious, slightly sweet cocktail can be prepared extremely quickly and is particularly popular with coffee lovers. The short drink is usually served after eating. As far as is known, the Black Russian was first prepared in 1950 in the bar of the […]

Amarula Wild Fruit Liqueur

Amarula – A Liqueur from Africa

Amarula is a South African spirits brand and known for the wild fruit cream liqueur of the same name. It is flavored with a distillate from the fruits of the marula tree and is available in more than 100 countries worldwide. The Marula tree only grows in subequatorial Africa, in the Kruger National Park in […]


Diplomat Cocktail Recipe

The Diplomat Cocktail is relatively weak in alcohol and it was a popular drink in the French Diplomatic Service. If it is the trouth or not, but rumour has it that diplomats were able to sip on these and still keep their wits about them! INGREDIENTS 60 ml/ 2 oz. Vermouth dry 30 ml/ 1 […]

Lilimanjaro Cocktail

Kilimanjaro Cocktail Recipe

The Kilimanjaro cocktails is a cocktail with Amarula. The Amarula Wild Fruit Cream is a popular liqueur based on the marula fruit from Africa. You will recognize the bottle easyly because there is an an elephant on the label. And there’s a good reason for that label: elephants love to eat that fruit. Sometimes elephants […]

Brexit Cocktail

Brexit is done – The Brexit Cocktail

Brexit is done. Britain has left the EU, what bad luck. We were always happy about the great food and drinks from Great Britain. To say goodbye, a very special recipe: the Brexit cocktail. INGREDIENTS fish and chips chocolate mints English tea METHOD Add the remaining ingredients and adjust according to taste. Shake it! Enjoy […]

Smile Cocktail

Smile Cocktail Recipe

This cocktail with Charleston Follies has already conjured a smile on the face of the inventor. And that of a winner. The cocktail Smile was the winner of the cocktail World Cup in Bled (Slovenia) 2002. INGREDIENTS 20 ml/ ¾ oz. Vermouth Dry 30 ml/ 1 oz. Wodka Absolut Lime 20 ml/ ¾ oz. Charleston […]

How to make a Fizzy Pop

Fizzy Pop Cocktail Recipe

On my trip to Stockholm in Sweden in July 2019, I got to know many Swedish cocktails. One of them is called Fizzy Pop. The Fizzy Pop cocktail is exactly what it sounds like – a drink that tastes like Sweden’s most popular candy piece. Some call them Bubblizz, others for Fizzypop. Whatever you call […]